Home Farm is home to Richard and Lou Elderton and their family - it is much loved by all of us. Close to the house is Richard Elderton's workshop, to the south is the garden which includes two old cob nut orchards. Beyond is a tractor shed and then the Woodshed, facing south over the High Field.

The pasture is either grazed by a local farmer or cut for haylage each year. We are part of the Entry Level Stewardship scheme to enhance and conserve wildlife on the farm - bats, barn owls, sparrowhawks, badgers, foxes, deer, rabbits, many species of birds and insects ...the quiet and patient observer will likely see many, even during a short stay.

Within 100m of the Woodshed is our woodland, part commercial and part ancient woodland. Its has a good network of paths and a wide variety of trees.